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Healthy Journey Starts with Baby Steps: Bar Codes

Healthy Journey Starts with Baby Steps: Bar Codes

Dear Readers,

To continue the conversation on buying Organic food when on a budget as many of us are, the following information will be invaluable. You may wonder what to buy and where to start because Organic food can be expensive.

Some time ago, I learned what the Bar Codes on produce mean. Because of limited funds this information helped me immensely. Along with the Clean Fifteen and the Dirty Dozen lists this enabled me to know which fruit or vegetable is organic or conventional.

  • 5 digit beginning with 9: ORGANIC (Grown naturally)
  • 5 digit beginning with 8: GMO (Genetically modified)
  • 4 digit beginning with 3 or 4: CONVENTIONAL (Grown with chemicals and pesticides)

Hopefully, this suggestion will help you on your healthy journey!

Remember, baby steps. One step at a time!

Thank you for joining me on this 5:00 Coffee Club journey!

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The author enjoys baking, cooking, and entertaining friends. From Spring luncheons to Sunday dinners, she celebrates loved ones with healthy and nourishing food. And, yes, always ends with a cup of coffee and dessert!

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